History of K.I.

      Algene P Caraulia founded Karate Institute (K.I.) in 1969 after a very successful 8 years of competing in Karate & Judo tournaments throughout the USA including the 1st World Karate Championship and was a three time International Karate Champion. In 1970 Mr. Caraulia opened the 1st KI Club in Cleveland Ohio, then in 1971 Mr. Caraulia met Mr. Praim and Mr. Prue - all three had concerns about the quality of the Martial Arts and using this as their base they merged into an organization with the main goal being to promote and maintain quality within. This was a unique organization where each kept their own style with style testing and then KI testing for all Dans. This proved to be very successful as KI Black Belts won 1000's of awards in competitions throughout the USA and Canada. The organization started to grow and ended up with 4 different styles in numerous states and parts of Canada. All three National Directors agreed that if KI became too large or if politics started to affect the quality of the students that they would break up the main organization and go their separate ways, which eventually happened in the late 1980's.


     Today Grandmaster Caraulia is a consultant for C.P.I. - Master David E Prue retired - and Grandmaster David J Praim still teaches and works with selected students and Dans. In 2003 at the World Moo Duk Kwan Federation Tournament in Tampa Florida, Grandmaster Praim took 15 students and brought home 24 awards including the Black Belt sparringGrand Championship won by Master James Stevers.

     More recently, K.I. has represented our organization as well as their country in the World Karate and Kickboxing Commission as members of Team USA. K.I. members have brought home numerous awards in forms and sparring competing in this elite international circuit in forms, point sparring and continuous sparring. Our students and instructors continue to compete on a state, national and international level as they travel abroad for competition. 

K. I. Tang Soo Do Codes:

Maximum Physical and Mental Effort - Must give 100% in everything we do

Respect for Human Entity - Respect for yourself and others

Flexibility - Be flexible physically and mentally

People Building - What K. I. Tang Soo Do is achieving