Grand Master David H Swartz



















Certified Director/Grand Master Instructor KI Tang Soo Do

35 years member of the KI National Black Belt Testing Board

Current Highest Rank: 9th Degree Black Belt KI Tang Soo Do


Martial Arts Experience

8/5/18           9th Degree Black Belt KI Tang Soo Do

7/31/18          KI Recognition/Appreciation Award

1/28/17          League of Grand Masters Expo Instructor

10/6-10/17    Referee WKC World Tournament Orlando Florida

/28/17            WKC Referee Certification

1/22/17          League of Grand Masters Expo Instrustor

1/24/16          League of Grand Masters Expo Instructor

3/14/12          1st Degree Black Belt Toyama Ryu/Nakamura Ryu Iaido

8/17/11           Inducted into the League of Grand Masters

8/1/11             Formed Oakland County KI Tang Soo Do…Toyama Ryu Iaido

5/11                International Tang Soo Do Federation Seminar GM Lee Kang Uk GM Drouilard Chil Sung O RO #6

11/10              8th Degree Grand Master Black Belt KI Tang Soo Do

11/10              40 Years Service with KI Tang Soo Do Award

5/10               International Tang Soo Do Federation Seminar GM Lee Kang Uk GM Drouilard Chil Sung O RO #5

2/10               Internationl Sogo Bodo Federation Winter Sogo..Instructor

10/09             Martial Tactical Viol Sensei

5/09               Kama Fighting Tactic’s Viol Sensei

11/07              Senior Master Instructor Karate Institute

11/07              KI-KIA Lifetime Achievement Award

9/07               International Sogo Bodo Federation..Toyama Ryu Iaido

11/06              KI Recognition award for Achievement and Dedication To the Martial Arts

4/05               Thank You for Your Life Long Contribution to KI &  Unwavering Loyalty From David J.Praim.

4/01                7th Degree Black Belt Karate Institute

9/97                TAI CHI CHUNG 8 week course

9/95                Nunchuka Course 8 weeks Viol Sensei

4/95                 SAI Course 8 weeks Viol Sensei

4/95                 3 hrs Bo/Kata Applications Seminar Master Boliards

2/95                 3 hrs Hyung Applications Seminar Master Boliards

12/94               Sei Shin Kan International Ju Jitso Weapons

10/94               12 hrs Knife Self Defense Course, Mike Hughes

8/92                 12 hrs Executive Protection Course, John Laumont

6/92                 6th Degree Black Belt World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation Jae Joon Kim

4/92                 12 hrs Knife Self Defense/Combat course John Lamont

3/92                 5th Degree Black Belt Karate Institute

3/92                 Director Instructor Certification

9/90-9/17        Palace Sports and Entertainment Crowd Control

9/89 - 9/92     Aikido Yoshinkai Association of North America (1st Kyu)

1/89                 Tai Chi Staff 8 week course

6/87                 Gold K.I. Award

5/87                  3 Day Training Camp Joe Lewis

9/86                  Director of Midwest Operations

7/86                  Chief Instructor Certification

7/86                  4th Degree Black Belt

3/86                   International Board of Directors

3/86                   Director International Awards and Special Presentations

3/86                   Co-Treasurer International Board of Directors

                          Director of Michigan Operations Reorganization from Karate Institute of America to KI

7/85                   Director Region I

12/84                Assistant Director Region I

10/84                8 hrs full Contact Karate & Kicking Seminar Bill Wallace

11/83                Region I Instructor of the Year (chuck Norris Witnessed)

7/83                  8 hrs Martial Arts Philosophies Today versus Before, Master Huang Lee

9/82                 Senior Instructor Certification

7/82                 8 hrs Training Methods for Hand/Foot Master Sang Kyu Shim

12/81                3rd Degree Black Belt

9/81 – 82         Vice Chairman, Michigan Board of Directors

12/81                Letter of Commendation for Service from National Board

12/80               8 hrs Breathing Internal & External Physical Fitness, East vs. West, Chung

9/80 – 81         Chairman, Michigan Board of Directors

9/79                  Formed Bloomfield Hills Branch of Karate Institute

6/79 –               Present Crisis Prevention Intervention Certified(CPI)

12/78                 Class “A” Instructor Certification

12/78                KI Honor Member Awards

12/78               2nd Degree Black Belt

5/78                 16 hrs Bo--Flight of the Crane Master Thomas Bagwell

11/77                10 hrs Mastering Weapons Forms Master Hidy Ochai

4/77                 20 hrs Arnes Demano Seminar Master Manual Tanico

1/77                  Formed Lake Orion Branch of Karate Institute

9/76                 1st Degree Black Belt

9/75 – 12/76     Karate Institute D. Baker and G. Clifford Instructors

4/73 – 9/75       Karate Institute Rob Kelver, Instructor

7/70 – 3/73       Karate/Judo Schools of America (Blue Karate/Brown Judo)

7/68 – 11/70     Karate Institute Joe Jacob and Cliff Miller Instructor


Martial Art Achievements

  • Over 300 Trophies, metals, and Awards in Form, Fighting and Weapon Competition, NASKA, MCCK, and International Competition.

  • Coach/Member Bloomfield Hills K.I. Competition Team

  • Coach/Member Bloomfield Hills K.I. Demonstration Team

  • Director Michigan K.I. Campout Groveland Oaks, 1981 to present

  • Co-Director Four Seasons Open Tournaments from 81 – 97

  • Chief Instructor Bloomfield Hills Branch of KI Tang So Do

  • Chief Instructor Oakland County Branch of KI Tang Soo Do

  • Director for Region I, Responsible for Development, Policies, and Procedures for Region I, (16 clubs, approximately 400 students)

  • Joined Olympia Entertainment 9/2017 Crowd Manager Currently in charge of security for visiting NBA Teams

  • Joined the Palace Sports and Entertainment as a Crowd Control Specialist 9/90 – present (over 2000 events)

  •               Employee of the Month 10/92

  •               Employee of the Year 1995

  •               Employee of the Month 4/05

  • Currently in charge of security for visiting NBA Teams and Back stage access for concerts      

  • Developed 8 week Women’s Self Defense Class, run quarterly, 1982 thru present

  • Developed 8 week Kickboxing Class, run quarterly 1982 thru present

  • Developed Promotion Certification Manual for Michigan K.I.

  • Retired Kwang Jin America 1/2003 – 7/2007, Program Manager